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‘Include commute time in office hours’

Burden of commute


The commute time to and from the workplace can often add as many as 4-5 hours to the total time spent working. A global workplace study, carried out by IWG, one the world’s leading flexible workspace providers, has revealed that over 60% of Indian office-goers want their commute times to be included as part of their work hours.

According to IWG, 41% of the respondents said commuting to/from work is the part of the working day which they like the least. In 2015, Europe’s top court had ruled that companies must count employee work hours from the time they leave their homes for office, till the time they return. The IWG report said that over 80% Indian companies are introducing flexible working to help attract and retain employees.

 Reasonable demand 


Sugar rush is just a myth

Opposite effect 


Whether it’s ice cream or a fizzy drink, many turn to sugar when they are feeling down or low on energy. But scientists now claim that the resulting ‘sugar rush’ is nothing more than a ‘myth’. There is no evidence that indulging in sweet treats boosts our mood.

A review of 31 research papers, conducted by the Humboldt University of Berlin, found munching on sweet substances even leaves people feeling worse – exhausted and less alert an hour later. The researchers have urged people not to turn to sugary snacks as a ‘quick refill’.   

Avoid the sweet treat


Being positive keeps you slim   

 Mindset matters     


Positive thinkers are more likely to lose weight and keep it off. Scores of recent studies have found a powerful link between our psychology, our weight, and our overall well-being. Adopting an optimistic outlook appears to increase the likelihood of making healthier choices.

Research shows that people who are hopeful that good things will happen tend to exercise more, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink moderately and have better quality sleep. A virtuous cycle can develop, as you feel better and more motivated to make other beneficial changes to your life. In contrast, believing that we have little control over how fat we become can have a negative effect on our food and exercise choices, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Optimistic outlook 

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