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New Margo – Misleading by implication 

Content confusion  


The television commercial (TVC) begins with a girl plucking neem leaves. The voiceover says: “New Margo, made from the goodness of 1000 neem leaves. Cleans skin from deep within so that it stays clear and beautiful.” Did one bar of soap really contain the goodness of 1000 neem leaves? Being skeptical, we complained about the advt. 

The advertiser presented reports showing that the goodness of 1000 neem leaves which exist in neem paste is also prevalent in the soap. However, Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) felt that while the soap did have anti-bacterial properties, the report did not conclusively prove the equivalence of 1000 neem leaves to that of the soap in terms of neem content. Consumers were likely to be misled that 1000 neem leaves were present in one soap bar.

ASCI also observed that the claim “New” in the name was not justified since it was only a packaging artwork change. Moreover, the TVC contravened Clause 4 (I) of ASCI Guidelines for Disclaimers as the disclaimers were not in the same language as the audio. 

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