Extended warranty given for defective Vento part

Fault in new car   


Tanvi Hirani purchased a brand new Volkswagen Vento from Automark Motors Pvt. Ltd. At the time of delivery, she noticed a noise when the car was driven. The salesperson told her it would go after the car has driven for 3,000 km. Even after 4,000 km, the noise didn’t subside. The car was sent to the service centre thrice. Eventually, the technical team traced the noise to a faulty injector.

The replacement of the injector took over a week. Tanvi was asked to pay Rs. 1,500 for fuel. She was taken aback since the fuel tank had been half full when she dropped it off for repair. Also, there was no extended warranty on the replaced part. Dissatisfied with the service, she approached Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad for help. CERS successfully convinced Automark to give a two-year extended warranty on the defective part and four free services to Tanvi.

Buyer beware!


  • At the time of delivery, check for any problems. Bring it immediately to the notice of the salesperson.
  • Always mention all problems when you give a car for service and check if they are resolved at the time of delivery.
  • If a problem persists, lodge a complaint with the service manager. Keep a record of all the complaints lodged.

Finally, Air Costa gives refund for cancelled flight

Unwarranted delay

Ghanshyam Shah booked Ahmedabad-Bangalore flight tickets for his family on Air Costa. One month before departure, the airline cancelled the flight. When he asked for a refund, he was told that it would be delayed as there were several customer requests for refund. Six months later he had not received a refund nor a satisfactory response.

Ghanshyam wrote to CERS with copies of all his correspondence with the airline. Within one month of CERS writing to Air Costa, he was delighted to receive the refund in his account. “In spite of following up for several months I did not get a refund of the ticket price for the flight that was cancelled by the airline. I had lost all hope of getting my money back. I am very thankful to CERS for helping me,” said a relieved Ghanshyam.

Smooth landing

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