ICICI goons harass credit cardholder


Anil Khetawat, a resident of Ahmedabad, was subjected to harassment by ICICI Bank which had been demanding dues from him wrongfully. The bank hired ruffians who called him at home at odd hours and used abusive language to extract money. The credit cardholder wrote a complaint to the bank and sent a copy to CERS seeking its intervention. He said the bank had handed over recovery to ruffians in clear violation of the norms issued by the Supreme Court.

Khetawat claimed that he had paid the bills regularly for the goods purchased and that he had not used the card after the bank had credited the last payment. Earlier, the bank had sent him an unwanted add-on card. He had dropped this card with a cancellation letter in the bank’s ATM box. But he received a statement where Rs. 375 was charged on this add-on card.

Khetawat wanted all the “charges” waived and a letter of apology from the bank. Meanwhile, “the total amount due”, according to the bank, went up to Rs. 19,481! The bank deactivated the credit card but refused to reverse the charges. CERS took up the matter seriously with ICICI Bank. Finally, the bank agreed to reverse all the financial charges on his credit card account and even gave a service credit of Rs. 4,828.

Student gets correct mark sheet after goof-up


Darshan Bharatbhai Patel, a first-year mechanical engineering student of Venus International College of Engineering & Technology (Gandhinagar), appeared for a mid-semester examination. The results displayed on the college notice board declared him as passed. However, Darshan’s mark sheet reflected that he had failed. His result had been interchanged with another student, Darshan Bharatkumar Patel!

Darshan Bharatbhai Patel, under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, requested the Gujarat Technological University to recheck his answer sheet. He also requested the college authorities to give him a copy of the marks displayed on the notice board. All efforts went in vain. Distressed, he sought CERS intervention. CERS wrote to the college trustees and followed up several times over the phone. The relieved student finally received his original mark sheet with corrected marks.

Builder gives possession after five years!


Jugal Parmar from Gandhinagar was a member of Santoshnagar Co-operative Housing Society in Ahmedabad. Amar Corporation, owned by Natu Varma, was given the contract for constructing residential apartments in the society. Being a member, Parmar was allotted a flat and received the possession letter of the flat from Amar Corporation. But, he was not given physical possession. He tried to contact Varma many times, but received no response.

Parmar lodged a complaint with the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCSCA) Department of the Government of Gujarat at Gandhinagar. The department directed the complaint to CERS for further intervention. CERS wrote to Varma. After persistent follow-up, the builder responded positively giving physical possession of the flat to Parmar.



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