Defective Samsung AC repaired at last

Syed Zaheer Hasan purchased a Samsung split air conditioner from a dealer in Lucknow in March 2015. At the time of installation itself the technician noticed a high-pitched sizzling sound coming from the unit when it was in operation. This was brought to the notice of the dealer and Samsung. Service engineers paid Hasan two visits but no further action was taken. Meanwhile, the AC lay unused and he and family members had to suffer the heat.

Hasan was not interested in repair as it was a technical fault. He wanted a replacement. Despite writing several emails to the customer support department of Samsung, the company did not respond positively. Hasan wrote to CERS which spoke to key persons at Noida. Finally, the company agreed to replace the faulty internal unit.


1. Don’t accept delivery of defective goods

2. If the company is unresponsive, post your complaint on social media

3. You can insist on new warranty from date of replacement of defective product

Hidden charges in home job offer refunded

Soli Kanga, a senior citizen from Mumbai, got lured by the advertisement of India Home Jobs which claimed that you could earn Rs. 30,000 to 60,000 per month by filling simple forms. On enquiring, he was told that he would have to pay Rs 1,300 to get 10 forms for filling, to which he agreed. But he was shocked when he received 2000 forms to be filled within 15 days.

The information kit explained that he would have to pay Rs 5,000 as deposit. Also, if the accuracy of the details filled is less than 90% he would not be paid anything. This was not acceptable to him. He contacted the executives to return the forms and collect a refund of his money. When he didn’t receive any response from India Home Jobs, he contacted CERS. After persistent follow-up from CERS, Soli got a full refund of his money.


  • Read between the lines in home jobs advertisements.
  • Insist on all the terms and conditions in writing and check them before taking the job.
  • Get the payment procedures in writing, as often companies try to delay payments


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