Drink chocolate milk after workout

The next time you reach for a drink after your workout, make sure it is chocolate milk instead of a protein shake or any other sports drink. Protein shakes are believed to be the reason for the heavy physique of body builders. But scientists have found that chocolate milk has all the nutrients that your body needs to replenish itself after exercising.

According to Cornell University, USA, chocolate milk is a gold standard for a recovery beverage as long as it is low fat. A team at the university which drank low-fat chocolate milk after a hard workout developed more muscle and less fat than those who drank sports beverages.

Drinking too much water can be dangerous

Experts say people should only consume water during exercise when they are thirsty, because aggressive drinking to avoid dehydration could be dangerous to health. The recommendations published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine warn that drinking excess fluids might be as harmful as dehydration.

Athletes who overhydrate can develop Exercise Associated Hyponatremia (EAH). If they drink so much liquid that the body cannot easily rid itself of the excess through urination, it dilutes the sodium levels in the blood leading to cellular bloating or hyponatremia. EAH can cause confusion, seizures, coma and even death.

Self-destructing devices to help reduce e-waste

Researchers at the University of Illinois, USA have developed electronics components that can destroy themselves when heated to reduce electronic waste and boost sustainability in device manufacturing. They have also created a radio-controlled trigger to remotely initiate the reaction.

In a first attempt to use an environmental stimulus to trigger destruction, they embedded a radio-frequency receiver and an inductive heating coil in the device which would melt the wax and dissolve the device when commanded. Thus, manufacturers can recycle costly materials from used or obsolete devices and reduce landfills.

Your bedroom could make you fat

New research by a team from Leiden University Medical Center shows that too much light in the bedroom may make us gain weight, reports

In experiments on mice, they showed that animals exposed to light 24 hours a day for five weeks gained 50% more fat than those that kept more normal hours. Constant light disrupts the body clock and slows down the vital calorie-burning process. Even checking phone for messages on waking at night could stop the body clock from resetting properly in the morning and lead to weight gain.

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