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Is SALT triggering your headaches?

People who reduced their salt intake to three grams a day suffered significantly fewer headaches, a study has found. Scientists have discovered cutting salt intake from nine grams to three grams a day reduced headaches by 31%, according to the Daily Maiil. Three grams of salt is the equivalent of around half a teaspoon.

Experts said cutting salt could reduce headaches because it lowers blood and pulse pressure. Even people with normal blood pressure saw a reduction in headaches when they cut their salt intake. High salt foods include bread, tinned soups, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, pickles and cereal.

Is wearing make-up harmful during pregnancy?

A controversial study claims to have found a link between wearing make-up during pregnancy and lower IQ scores in children, says Daily Mail. Exposure to the highest levels of two phthalate chemicals, DnBP and DiBP, which can be found in lipstick and other cosmetics, led to a lowering of IQ scores at age seven by more than six points, US scientists found.

Phthalates are man-made chemicals thought to interfere with natural hormones that are crucial to overall health. Both the phthalates implicated are found in a wide range of consumer products including vinyl fabrics, lipstick, hairspray, nail polish and some soaps. Tiny particles can enter our systems either while breathing or eating.

Towels most germ-infested objects in your home

Forget door handles and toilet seats – the most germ-infested objects in your home are your towels! This is because they retain moisture for long periods of time – allowing bacteria to survive – and are used in the kitchen and bathroom.

According to Daily Mail, a recent study, from the University of Arizona, found coliform bacteria – bacteria present in faeces which can lead to outbreaks of food poisoning and diarrhoea – in 89% of kitchen tea-towels and E. coli in 25.6% of towels. Washing towels at a high temperature of 90ºC is the best way to get rid of germs.

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