I suggest you test branded wheat flour available in the market. It may be made out of fungus infected wheat as the dough becomes black within six to seven hours of preparing it. This is not the case with freshly ground wheat purchased and stored by consumers. This is a serious health hazard. – Vijai Kumar

The newsletter is interesting and educative. We are living with so many misconceptions, for instance, about whole wheat bread. – Mitali Sarkar

This is regarding your write up about Vegwash+. Complaining to the Advertising Standards Council if India (ASCI) is an incomplete action, in my opinion. I suggest you also bring up this matter with the food safety authorities as the product is primarily meant for use in treating food i.e. vegetables and fruits. – Jitu Shah

Thanks for very informative capsules empowering consumers. It is ironical that in a number of instances it is well educated people who fall prey to the dubious schemes of manufacturers/sellers. For instance, in advertisements for hair growth, the models are already endowed with rich, dark, silky hair and this is nothing to do with the product advertised. We should actually see real time before and after pictures/videos of people who have used the product. – Krishna Prasad Cherala

The information given in your newsletter is very useful in our daily lives. – Gaurang Amin

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