TV show on health hazards of milk adulteration

VTV Gujarat conducted a live talk show on adulteration of milk on June 17, 2015. Ms. Anindita Mehta, Deputy General Manager, Chemical and Microbiology Laboratory, CERC took part in the show as an expert.

The focus was on various types of adulterants in milk – water, starch, urea, detergent, glucose, vanaspati, formalin, ammonium sulphate, table sugar, benzoic acid, salisylic acid and blotting paper. These are added for varied reasons including increasing the volume, solid content, foaming and thickness or as preservatives to increase the life of milk. Some quick tests to detect the adulterants mentioned above were also discussed.

Milk is also susceptible to contamination by many pathogenic microorganisms which are a threat to health and degrade its quality. Contamination can be because of the animals, equipment, unhygienic conditions during transportation and improper storage.

Three important tips given to viewers:

 Milk should be stored below 8°C

 Should be boiled before consumption

 Consumers should opt for packaged pasteurised milk and not loose milk

CERS gets bailout package for gas-starved power plants

CERS wrote to the Union power minister, Mr. Piyush Goyal, on 18 August 2014 and convinced him on the matter of getting imported gas for gas-based plants in Gujarat. The Ministry of Power has provided gas subsidy to Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd (GSECL), Torrent Power Ltd and China Light & Power India to operate their plants at 35% Plant Load Factor.

This subsidy is being given initially for four months from June 1 to September 30, 2015 and may be extended further for a period of two years. This move has increased gas-based generation in Gujarat from 365 MW to 1600 MW. The subsidy given is of Rs. 1.75 per unit and the Ministry has directed all beneficiaries not to charge for gas-based electricity beyond Rs. 4.75 per unit.

AMC withdraws circular after CERS’ representation

CERS objected to a circular issued by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation directing its Electrical Department to collect Rs. 11/unit from people availing facility of municipal community halls. In a letter addressed to the municipal commissioner, CERS objected to the charging of additional amount and stated that AMC cannot resell electricity. It is an offence under Section 126 of the Electricity Act. Torrent Power Ltd charges nearly Rs. 8 per unit for electricity used for commercial purposes and therefore AMC cannot charge Rs. 11 per unit overruling the approved tariff. AMC withdrew the circular resulting in great relief to denizens of the city.



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