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Four brochures released to empower consumers

To empower consumers of the state, CERC, in partnership with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of Gujarat has released four brochures in Gujarati. This is the first time such an initiative has been taken by a consumer organisation in the state.

Very often, consumers feel helpless and do not know how to redress their grievances regarding credit/debit card fraud, harassment on social media platforms, misleading advertisements that lure them to buy products/services and errors in electricity billing.

The many complaints received in these areas prompted us to bring out the following handy, easy to understand and visually appealing brochures: (i) How to shop safely and successfully online: (ii) Beware of cyber crime (iii) Protest against misleading advertisements and (iv) Rights of electricity consumers. CERC has printed 60,000 brochures in all and will be distributing them to the leading voluntary consumer organisations (VCOs) located across Gujarat.

GERC accepts CERS’ suggestions to reduce animal deaths
CERS has raised the issue several times of the large number of human and animal deaths in Gujarat due to dropping of live overhead wires and electrocution of animals because of improper earthing. However, while the number of human deaths has decreased, the number of animal deaths still continues to be high.

Mr. K.K. Bajaj, Chief General Manager, CERC, who is a member of a high-powered State Advisory Committee, raised this issue at a meeting in Gandhinagar recently. A large number of animals die while grazing around transformers. They get electrocuted due to passing of current in the wet area around these transformers. That is why 60% of animals die during the four months of monsoon. CERS suggested that this could be reduced by taking the following two steps:
  • Providing six feet barbed wire fencing around distribution transformers installed in open fields
  • Providing and maintaining proper earthing to these transformers so that no leakage of current passes to the ground
Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) has accepted the suggestions and has directed all DISCOMs to take preventive measures before onset of monsoon this year.
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