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Eating chilli really CAN help you lose weight

It has long been wondered whether chillies can help us lose weight. Now, new research has proved that the fiery food can aid weight loss by speeding up metabolism. A study found capsaicin – the ingredient that gives chilli peppers their heat – could help burn off fat in the body, says Daily Mail.

University of Wyoming researchers found that capsaicin may stimulate the body to burn energy and create heat (a process known as thermogenesis) – burning off calories in the process. Capsaicin in the diet was able to stimulate a receptor which suppresses obesity associated with a high-fat diet, the researchers found. They believe this is because it induces ‘bad’ white fat cells to become energy-burning ‘good’ brown fat cells.

Preschoolers may not need naps

A daytime nap may not be the best idea for preschoolers, concluded a recent review of dozens of previous studies on napping, according to HealthDay. Enforcing naps after children naturally outgrow them leads to less sleep overall.

Children over two years old who napped during the day tended to go to bed later and get less sleep than those who gave up a mid-day snooze, according to researchers at Queensland, Australia. The researchers noted that there’s no set age when children should stop napping.

Active mums-to-be give birth to leaner infants

While regular physical activity during pregnancy is a well-supported recommendation, it is less clear how it can affect the health of the developing foetus. Recent research shows that women who are active in late pregnancy are more likely to have babies with less body fat, which could translate to improved health later in life, according to Choice Health Reader.

Being active may help reduce the flow of excess nutrients to the foetus, reducing the risk of giving birth to large babies. Scientists found that mothers who were regular exercisers in the third trimester had babies who were born with 41 grams less body fat compared to newborns of less active mums.

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