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Cure-all cup that cheers?

Green tea has caught the fancy of the health conscious in a big way. But touting it as the panacea for all ills is definitely misleading. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) upheld complaints against three green tea ads. The claims are described below.

Wagh Bakri Green Tea: Packets of this brand, manufactured by Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers, claim that it contains antioxidants which reduce effects of pollution. The print ad claims it keeps you worry free from many things including obesity.

Golden Tips Green Tea: Manufactured by Golden Tips Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd., the product packaging claims the product kills bacteria that causes stomach upsets and tooth decay, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, helps in preventing certain types of cancers and inflammatory response, has anti blood-clotting properties and drinking 10 cups a day restricts development of liver disorders.

Typhoo Green Tea: Manufactured by Apeejay Surrendra Corporate Services Ltd., the product packaging and website claim it helps maintain the body’s natural balance, the antioxidants it contains help facilitate weight loss, reduce risks of cancer, lower the chances of heart diseases, fight cellular decay, fight skin ageing which occurs due to the environment and generally delay the ageing process.

Complainants felt that research on the effects of green tea is very nascent and evidence is not conclusive. That’s why green tea benefits should not be communicated on products as dietary advice. This would mislead consumers into believing that consumption of the product would result directly in personal changes in physical ability. The onus to prove that the product is able to provide the benefits claimed is squarely on the advertiser. ASCI concluded that the claims were not substantiated.

Storm in a tea cup?

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