10 Tips to improve phone camera photos

Mobile phones have now taken the place of digital cameras for most people. We share some photographic techniques to help you make your pictures better.

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 Lighting: The flash is an LED which is too close to the lens and throws bright light on the subject. It is best to avoid using it. Use natural light if possible or make the best use of artificial light.

White balance: Adjusting white balance will accurately capture colours based on the current lighting. Many camera phones do this automatically but you may experiment with this option manually from the settings menu.

Keep still: Keep a steady hand or rest your elbows on a support. Some phones also have the option of stabiliser in settings which could be used.

Don’t zoom: It is advisable to get closer to the subject physically instead of using zoom which distorts the resolutions. If that is not possible, you may consider cropping the photo later.

Editing: Don’t use the same filters that everyone is using. Editing pictures later with different apps gives you the freedom to be creative.

Clean the lens: Since phones are used roughly, the lens gets dirty easily – fingerprints are a common problem. Thus cleaning the lens of your camera using a soft cloth is necessary.

High resolution: Most phone cameras allow you to take pictures at differing resolutions. Use low resolutions if it is for sending a quick photo and high resolutions if you want to capture memories.

Angle: Photos taken at eye level are always preferred. Try to match the height of the subject by either kneeling down or stretching up.

Rule of thirds: A golden rule in photography is to set the subject slightly off centre. Go to the settings in the camera and turn on ‘show gird’ which helps you do this easily. 

Focus: The area that your camera focuses on is adjustable. If the subjects in your photo are at different distances, tap on the subject you want to focus. The phone’s auto-focus will slightly blur out the others.


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