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Reliance broadband connection restored after 3 months

Unmesh Mehta, residing in Ahmedabad, had been a subscriber of Reliance Wi-Max Broadband connection for four years. Every year, in the monsoon, the connection would stop working after the first heavy shower and would not get restored for weeks. Once, the connection was not restored for nearly two months! His repeated telephonic reminders to the customer care department and those in writing to the nodal officer did not yield results. Unmesh sought help from CERS.

It took CERS over a month to get the broadband connection restored. But if Reliance finally resolved one problem, it posed another. In settling the dues, Reliance demanded full payment of Rs. 7,819, including payment for the period when the network was down. Unmesh and CERS disputed the amount and took up the issue with Reliance. A tired, disgusted Unmesh wanted his broadband connection terminated. However, Reliance later claimed only Rs. 887, waiving the balance.

Adani Group goes back on word, CERS intervenes

Vivek and Deepali Plawat had booked a 1080 square-feet top floor flat in the Adani Township, The Meadows, paying Rs. 3 lakh. When Vivek paid the next instalment he learnt that the 16-floor scheme had been changed to 17 floors. But the Adani Group had not bothered to inform him. He asked for allotment of a top floor flat. Initially agreeing, the Group later refused to change the allotment. The Group did not respond to his many phone calls. Eventually, Vivek found out that if he wanted to change he would have to pay the increased rate of Rs. 2,850 per square feet instead of the existing Rs. 2,650.

Vivek wrote to CERS requesting its help, saying: “As the plan changed after I booked a top floor flat, I want a top floor flat of my choice at the same rate as earlier. Or else, I want my full money back with the opportunity cost, i.e. the rate at which the investment would have increased in Adani Township.” Alternatively, he wanted his booking cancelled and the full amount refunded with 22% interest. CERS’ efforts yielded results. The Adani Group responded to CERS offering a settlement and invited the couple to formalise it. Plawat was allotted a flat of his choice.

Senior citizen gets justice from Air France

Lata Desai, a 70-year old resident of Surat, possessed a confirmed ticket in the premium economy class aboard Air France on the last leg of her journey from Paris to Mumbai. She reported for check-in one hour and 45 minutes before the flight. She was asked to wait because all seats had already been allotted! It was a case of overbooking but Lata was assured of a higher class, provided a seat in premium economy itself was not available. But when the passengers started boarding the aircraft, she was told that no seats were available in either class and she would be accommodated on another day. If she was keen on taking the same flight, she would be accommodated in the economy class and the fare difference would be refunded to her through a downgrading compensation voucher. Since Air France would not provide her any hotel accommodation, Lata decided to take the flight.

Back in India, she made several attempts, telephonically and by email, to contact Air France to obtain the refund or encash the voucher against purchase of another ticket. She failed to evoke any response. Lata contacted CERS which wrote to Air France, Ahmedabad and Gurgaon offices. After a month, CERS was informed that Air France had deposited EUR 207 (Rs. 13,139) in Lata’s account.

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