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Holiday club refunds Rs. 3.4 L for unreasonable charges

George Oommen, from Kerala, joined the Royal International Holidays Club, India, as a member and became eligible to stay in the existing resorts as well as the new resorts of the same group without paying any additional charges. However, this promise was not kept. When Royal built a new resort in Jaipur, additional money was demanded from the members for a stay there. This happened for another resort the group built in Kovalam, near Thiruvananthapuram.

Meanwhile, Royal International hiked the utility charges by an exorbitant 300% and imposed time limits to use up the holidays, failing which it could cancel holidays without informing members. Oommen suffered a huge loss of money, and brought the matter to the notice of CERS. It wrote to the Royal International Holidays Club which finally agreed to settle the issue. Oommen was refunded Rs. 3.4 lakh much to his relief.

Finally, New India returns documents to elderly couple

Jayvant Parekh, resident of Mumbai, had obtained a medical insurance policy from New India Assurance Co. Ltd. When he was hospitalised the claim came to Rs. 5,89,277 but the insurer’s third party administrator (TPA), Raksha-TPA Pvt. Ltd., paid only Rs. 4.5 lakh. Parekh had also obtained another medical reimbursement policy from UTI Infrastructure Technology & Services Ltd. (UTI-ITSL). To get the reimbursement for the unsettled amount of his hospitalisation of Rs. 1,39,277, he submitted a claim to UTI-ITSL.

The company wanted the original document from Raksha stating the amount settled and photocopies of discharge card, medical bills and reports, attested by the TPA. Parekh wrote to Raksha asking for the documents. Five months elapsed and, despite repeated reminders, his request was not processed. A harassed Parekh asked CERS to intervene. CERS wrote to Raksha and after persistent follow-up a grateful Parekh finally received all the documents.

Nissan takes a year to replace defective parts of new car

Anar Vandan Dalal, residing in Ahmedabad, bought a Nissan Micra car from its local dealer, Petal Nissan Pvt. Ltd. From the beginning she faced problems of brake noise, poor fuel efficiency and inefficient servicing. She wrote to Nissan customer care department that the company seemed to be experimenting with customers and was unconcerned about their satisfaction with its products.

Even a year later, her problems persisted. She kept receiving polite responses from the company but no action. She approached CERS which wrote to the company’s general managers at Ahmedabad and Chennai demanding that the defective car be replaced as all the efforts to get the defects rectified by company engineers had failed. At last, the defective parts were replaced and the problems which had persisted for two years were solved.

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