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WhatsApp, founded in 2009, is a popular messaging app for social and business use with 800 million active users globally of which 50 million are in India. The app is handy for sending text and audio-visual messages, images and videos. You may already be using WhatsApp but we give you tricks and tips to use it effectively.

1. Stop autosaving download: To prevent download of all the media files automatically, select Settings -> Chats -> Media auto-download. You can choose what you wish to auto-download.

2. Hide WhatsApp images from gallery: To prevent incoming images from showing in gallery, go to phone memory in file manager. Select WhatsApp folder->Media. Create a new file ‘.nomedia’ in the folder. Your WhatsApp photos will not be seen by friends who grab your phone and start flipping through the gallery.

3. Using broadcast list: You can send a message to several people by making a list from new broadcast in settings. The message will be sent to each person individually and replies will come only to you.

4. Chat backups and emails: WhatsApp chats are backed up automatically on Android device every day. On iOS, go to Chat Settings -> Chat Backup to backup chats. You can also email your chat. Select Settings -> Chat Setting/Chats and Calls -> Email chat. You can mail the chat to yourself with or without media files.

5. New number/phone: When you change SIM, select Settings -> Account -> Change Number to import all account information. When changing your phone, take back up. Install WhatsApp on new phone and verify number. You will get all your older chats on it.

6. Hide original images in message: Sometimes you receive an image but on clicking you see a different one. You too can do it easily by installing free from Play Store ‘Magiapp tricks app’ on Android and ‘Thumb app’ on iPhone.

7. Read receipt in a group: Android users should long press on message and tap in the top panel to check who has read their message in the group. iOS users can just swipe the message to right.

8. Hide your profile picture, last seen and read receipts: You can hide these by going to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and selecting preferences for each.

9. Extend your free period: To continue using WhatsApp for free, delete WhatsApp when it expires from Settings -> Account -> Delete My Account. Then uninstall and re-install the app with same mobile number. Your WhatsApp is free for one more year.

10. WhatsApp locker: Install WhatsApp Locker (free) from Play Store to prevent others from reading your chats.

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