Adani Gas revises arbitrary charges for defective meter

Adani Gas Ltd sent a bill of Rs. 8,622 to Avdhesh Chandil for the period September 2011 to March 2014 stating that his meter was defective. The bill was calculated on the basis of his previous average daily consumption and penalty was also added. Avdhesh objected to this arbitrary charge for a defective meter. He reasoned that Adani was responsible for proper functioning of the meter and the person who came for meter reading should have taken action to repair the meter.

He wrote a letter to CERS seeking its intervention. CERS studied his previous bills and found that he had been charged more than his estimated consumption. CERS spoke to the official at Adani Gas and persuaded them to reconsider the calculation and revise the bill. Within four days of CERS writing to them, Adani Gas sent a revised bill of Rs. 4,867 to Avdhesh who was happy to have got a quick resolution of his grievance.

Samsung gives refund for fridge with damaged door

A Samsung refrigerator purchased by Himanshu Vyas from Ramesh Corporation for Rs. 20,000 had a damaged door. He immediately brought it to the notice of the dealer who asked him to contact Samsung. When he called the customer care number of Samsung, he was asked to visit the service centre. Multiple visits to the service centre and several phone calls only resulted in disappointment.

He brought his complaint to CERS. Our correspondence with the local office of Samsung did not yield any result. So CERS contacted the office at Noida. The Samsung officers in Noida instructed the regional office to check the fridge and do the needful. Samsung service engineers inspected the fridge and decided to refund the entire amount to Himanshu.



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