CERC Tests & compares performance of 14 models of hand blenders

CERC’s test findings on hand blenders comes in handy for potential buyer Braun, Kenstar, and Prestige stood best on overall performance

Ahmedabad, June 14, 2012

Consumer Education & Research Centre (CERC), Ahmedabad, has recently concluded a series of test on 14 well-known brands of hand blenders, one of the most important household equipment in the kitchen, in its independent in-house laboratory, which is first of its kind and the only one in the country. The findings of the test reveal some interesting facts and are quite helpful for a person looking for buying an effective hand blender. The test findings also compare performance of each of the models tested on various fronts making it easy for the consumers to select the most suitable model as per his/her preferences.

Ms. Pritee Shah, Chief General Manager, CERC informed that “Out of the 14 models of hand blenders, one of the most versatile kitchen appliances, Braun MR-120, Kenstar Champ KHC 30 W1B-HCF and Prestige PHB 6.0 were found to be top three in terms of performance, overall quality, convenience, general requirements and environmental criteria. Five models namely, Jaipan Lassi Maker, Boss Type B-125, Anjali Silver Touch, Orpat HHB-137- E/WOB and Softel Turbo were not found up to the mark. The most dangerous aspect of these five models was the electric wires inside their external power supply cord, which is of poor quality and may cause overheating and fire.”

To help consumers make an informed choice, CERC decided to do a comparative testing of hand blenders and 42 samples of 14 widely sold models of hand blenders were sourced for the test at a cost of Rs. 70,000 and that too through incognito purchase from authorised dealers and reputed shops. No samples were accepted from manufacturers.”

“Around 2,800 man-day-hours were applied for the test and approximately 3 kg of curd, 7 dozen eggs, 5.5 kg onions, 3 kg bananas and 3.5 litre milk were used for this purpose. A total of 23 tests were conducted on each sample of hand blenders and the main criteria for the test were performance, quality, convenience, general requirements and environmental-friendly operation.” Ms. Shah added.

While all the 14 hand blenders took almost equal time (12-15 seconds) in making 6-7 glasses of buttermilk, for small quantities (1-2 glass using 50g of curd) Black & Decker SB-2000 and Maharaja Whiteline Elegance- 2504 took a little longer time (15-20sec.), as their blades were mounted deep in the blade guard not easily making contact with the small quantity of curd.

Braun was the fastest in making banana shake. For equal quantities, Philips HR-1350 took the maximum time (21 sec.), which was almost double than that of Braun (10 sec). Maharaja and Black & Decker were the slowest in whisking eggs (for 2 eggs, both models took 10 sec. while the other models took 5-7 sec.). Five models Braun, Softel, Prestige, Philips and Croma CRK-4094 were provided with separate blade and bowl for chopping and they took only 10 seconds in chopping 100g of onions. Rest of the models are also capable of chopping but with some more time.

As far as convenience – functions, cleaning and storage – is concerned, four models namely Anjali, Boss, Jaipan and Orpat come with removable blades making it easy to clean. However, Orpat does not provide blade removal spoon.

Three models – Braun, Croma and Prestige – have a separate attachment for whisking and chopping. The operation of switch in Croma and Philips was found quite difficult as compared to other models, as one needs to press and hold the button continuously during entire operation.

Four models namely Boss, Softel, Jaipan and Anjali have non-detachable stem. They needed an extra precaution while cleaning under running water, as water may seep into their electrical parts or wirings. At one stretch, Orpat can be used for the longest time (6 minute), while Black & Decker, Kenstar, Croma and Philips have the minimum continuous operating time of 30 seconds only. Philips has the longest stem (21.2cm) followed by Black & Decker (19.8cm) and Braun (19cm). Jaipan has the shortest stem (12.8cm).

Philips and Orpat have the longest power cord (1.9m approx.); while Kenstar comes with the shortest one (1.09m). The length of cords of most of the models was approximately between 1.0m and 1.7m. In Morphy Richards HB-05, it was little difficult to understand how to separate and fix the stem from the blender.

On environment-friendly operation front, the rated wattage of Braun (i.e. 300 w) was greater than 9 other models, but still it consumes the least energy. Energy consumption of Philips (rated wattage- 250 w) was higher by almost four times than that of Braun. Models of Maharaja, Boss and Anjali produced the most acceptable sound as compared to other models. Three models Kenstar, Braun and Black & Decker provided information on recycling/ disposal. The manual of Bajaj Majesty HB-05 says that the company dedicates itself to the cause of environment protection, however, information on recycling/ disposal was missing. None of the models provided any information on packaging material used.

Kenstar was the lightest among all the 14 models tested with a weight of 498g, while Boss was the heaviest (853g). The power indicator, which helps the user to know the availability of power supply, was provided only in Anjali. The speed was not marked on the push buttons in Maharaja and Morphy Richards. Hence, it was difficult to select between the two speeds.

None of the hand blenders tested carried the ISI mark. Hand blenders are covered neither under the mandatory certification by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) nor the Quality Control Order 2003.

Only Braun and Philips had legible and durable markings. Rated operating time was marked only on the samples of Boss, Softel, Orpat, Anjali and Jaipan. Softel, Anjali, Kenstar and Maharaja did not mention the country of origin.

For further information please contact Ms. Pritee Shah (O) 079 -27489945/46

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