CERS mediates 1- GS June-July 16 pg 13_cHonda replaces faulty Mobilio

Mukesh Vekariya was upset when the new Honda Mobilio he purchased started giving him trouble. The problems were noise while changing gears, low mileage and noisy engine. He brought it to the notice of the service engineers, but the problems continued. He then lodged several complaints through the helpline number of the company but no action was taken. In fact, there were scratches found on the bumper of the car after it came back from service! Fed up and feeling helpless, Mukesh approached CERS for help. The company promptly responded to CERS’s request for resolution. It offered to exchange Mukesh’s car for a new one for a token amount. Needless to say, Mukesh was relieved and pleased.


  • Always mention all the problems in the car while giving it for service and check if they are resolved while taking delivery.
  • If the problem persists, lodge a complaint with the service manager and through the helpline number. Keep a record of all the complaints lodged.


Unitech made to return FD amount on maturity

CERS mediates - 2Jayantilal Mehta, a senior citizen, had invested Rs. 2 lakh in Unitech Ltd. with the hope of getting handsome returns of 12.5% at the end of three years. When the time came, he approached the company for the maturity amount. To his shock, he did not get the money. Even after repeated letters and follow-up for over six months, he was unsuccessful in getting his dues.  Distressed, he wrote to CERS. Due to the relentless efforts of CERS, Mehta got back his money from the company. Delighted, he could not thank CERS enough for its help.



  • Always invest in well-known and credible options
  • Don’t be lured by lucrative but risky returns
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