Chips: Tasty temptations on test

Chips are the ideal companion when you are at the movies or a party, a crunchy meal add-on and, yes, an antidote to boredom. But we’ve all heard of their evils  – excess fat, too much salt and  minimal nutritional value.

Salt and fat content


Comparative product testing of popular brands of chips in our laboratory yielded some startling findings. While Uncle Chipps and Reliance Select Masti Oye both scored 45%in our taste test, Uncle Chipps contained a staggering 933mg of sodium per 100g, whereas Reliance Select Masti Oye had the least sodium among brands we tested, at 470mg. As far as fat content goes, Bingo had the lowest fat content at 30.8g per 100g, while Lay’s Classic and Real Wafers both contained 35g fat, the highest of all the brands on test.

Taste test

Each chip was rated on criteria, including appearance, taste, smell, texture, saltiness, and oiliness (to both taste and touch). Of the brands we tasted, Balaji Simply Salted came out tops, scoring an average 55%. Tasters found the chips satisfactory overall, but slightly oily.

Reliance Select Masti Oye, Uncle Chipps and Parle Wafers were at the bottom of the table. Tasters were displeased by the inconsistent appearance – some chips were brown and some had green spots – hinting at uneven frying. They were said to smell and taste ‘oily’ and our tasters were not completely satisfied with their flavour.

Baked variety

When we threw Lay’s Baked Chips into the equation, our taste test revealed that it was far ahead of the pack. It scored a fantastic 80% and tasters found its flavour and appearance appetising. Advertised as having ‘50% less fat’, Lay’s Baked also had the lowest fat content of the chips on test – even lower than the 15.4% stated on the packet – just 13.9 % fat.

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