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10 ways to fight allergies

Does the thought of onset of winter worry you about the allergies? The pollution and pollen spread through the air increases the risk of allergies. Our tips may help you ward them off.


Use a mask- Wear a mask whenever you are gardening, dusting or cleaning as it keeps pollen out of your nose and mouth.

Vacuum cleaning- Regularly vacuum clean your curtains, sofa, bed and pillows. These are places where dust mites, pollens and molds settle easily.

Shower- Once you come home from outdoors, take a quick shower. This will wash off any pollen that is stuck to your clothes, hair or skin.

Pet Care- Your pets are a major carrier of allergens around the house. Give them a frequent wash during the allergy season. Also make sure to wash your hands well after you play with them.

Ease nasal congestion- Use nasal sprays, nasal saline flushing or regular nose blowing to remove allergens. You may also use electric steam inhaler to relieve inflamed sinuses and clear out unwanted congestion that could lead to bacterial infections.

Dehumidify- Mold and dust mites thrive in moist environments. Keep the humidity in your house under control by using an exhaust fan in the bathroom to remove moisture from the air. Also consider installing a dehumidifier to be used during humid climate.

Vitamin C- A common home remedy to avoid seasonal complaints and cure related ailments is to include food rich in vitamin C.

Watch your food- Food allergies can cause a serious reaction.  Observe your body reactions to certain food intake and try avoiding them. Check with your doctor if you need to get an allergy test done.

De-stress- Studies suggest that stress lowers your body™ immunity to fight allergies. Relax, meditate, get a massage, listen to soothing music, or do something that calms you.

Medication- If you still continue to get your bouts of sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, it is time you meet your doctor and get medicine prescribed.


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