False glitter?  

The television commercial (TVC) of New Lifebuoy with Activ Silver featured Bollywood actor-couple Kajol and Ajay Devgn. Kajol asks her son to bathe with Lifebuoy soap. Ajay, the father, says not Lifebuoy but take a bath with ‘silver’. Kajol looks puzzled and asks, “What is the connection between bathing and silver?” He answers by explaining that silver is our strongest protection against germs. That is why use New Lifebuoy with Activ Silver.

 Tall talk

We raised an objection about this claim with ASCI. After going through the studies submitted by the advertiser, ASCI observed that while silver is known to have antibacterial effect, the contact time, concentration of silver and total load of organisms also need to be considered. The advertiser has not proved that there is a significant quantity of silver in the product that will make the contribution claimed in the TVC. Thus the claim: “Lifebuoy with new activ silver jo de kitano se hamari takatwar suraksha” was inadequately substantiated. The advertiser has asked for a review and the outcome is awaited.

No extra germ protection


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