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Airtel removes mobile tower installed without consent


Abdul Nasir Baig was shocked to find a mobile tower installed on the roof of his flat without his consent. He lived on the top floor of a multi-storeyed building. Bharti Airtel India Ltd. installed a mobile tower on the roof during his family’s absence. He was concerned about the effect of this not only on his house but also on his family’s health. He immediately wrote to the telecom company to provide the documents required for installation of the tower, including society permission letter and government sanction documents.

Meanwhile, to his shock and distress, cracks started to develop in the walls of his house. Neither the company nor his society provided him with the necessary documents. So he wrote to Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad for help. CERS consistently followed up with the company for removal of the tower. After a site inspection, Airtel agreed to dismantle the tower.


As per the Guidelines issued by the Department of Telecommunications, the telecom service provider needs to obtain clearance from local bodies or state government for installation of mobile towers. To get clearance, the company needs to provide, apart from other documents, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the building owner/entities having roof-top rights or the roof-top tenants in case of roof-based towers.

Complaints successfully resolved in brief

Airtel removes mobile tower installed without consent


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