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10 things not to do if your phone gets wet 

Did you accidentally drop your phone in water? What do you do now? Or rather, what should you not do so that no further damage occurs…


  1. Using hot air hair dryer - The heat from the hair dryer might cause the internal circuit to melt or malfunction.
  2. Blowing air – Do not use any air blower or air compressor to dry the wet smartphone. This may push the water droplets further deep inside the phone causing severe damage.
  3. Putting it for charging – Charging your phone may cause a short circuit if water has entered the phone.
  4. Pushing any buttons – It is also advised that you do not push any keys like volume buttons. This may further push water droplets into the phone through the crevices.
  5. Using the phone – You are putting your phone at further risk of damage by using it when it is still wet. It may stop working altogether.
  6. Shaking phone – Do not try to shake the phone to get rid of liquid from the phone. In case some liquid has managed to enter the phone, shaking the phone will spread this liquid to more areas.
  7. Disassembling phone – You can remove everything that is user-removable like battery, SIM card and SD card and lay it on a clean towel to dry. Do not try to force open the entire phone yourself.
  8. Using headphones – Never connect headphones to the 3.5mm jack as there is a risk of electrocution.
  9. Putting it in a rice bowl – Tests have shown that putting your phone in uncooked rice will only do more harm than good. Rice can get sticky when wet and even if dry, it can get caught into your phone’s ports.
  10. Lying to the service technician – If you visit the service centre to get the phone repaired, inform the technician about possible water damage otherwise the technician can cause damage unknowingly. 

Sources: www.gadgetsnow.com, www.it4nextgen.com, www.usatoday.com,

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