Eurokids repays fees after admission confusion


J.K. Bajaj’s grand-daughter Lavisha joined Eurokids preschool in Bengaluru when she was one year and seven months old. Within 15 days, she was reluctant to go to school. She had not yet started speaking and was unable to understand what the teachers said. Her parents realized that she was too young for the course. Also, on enquiring, they came to know that she would not be eligible age-wise for admission to a CBSE primary school the next year. The preschool authorities had not given proper guidance at the time of admission. Hence, the confusion.

Lavisha’s parents decided to send her to the preschool in the next academic year. They requested Eurokids to either refund the fees or adjust it towards the next year’s fees. Since the preschool authorities refused both, Bajaj asked Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS) to mediate. Regular mails and follow-up from CERS resulted in the preschool refunding the fees of Rs. 29,300.


Samsung gives refund for malfunctioning fridge


Right from the day Manisha Bhavsar got her new Samsung double door refrigerator installed, she noticed problem of frosting in the deep freezer unit. She also noted that there was a dent on the fridge. She complained to the dealer who checked her fridge and concluded that the door and gasket needed replacement.

Manisha was asked to contact Samsung. But Samsung directed her to the dealer. Tired of being tossed between the two, Manisha approached CERS. Due to the NGO’s intervention, Samsung refunded the amount of Rs. 37,450 for the fridge to Manisha.


  • Get all terms in writing
  • Check right away for visible defects
  • After installation, check that the appliance works
  • Report any problems in writing and insist on quick resolution


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