10 tips to beat jet lag

Nothing can ruin a trip like arriving at your destination weary and sleep deprived. Jet lag is caused when travelling across multiple time zones disrupts your body clock. Here are some easy ways to beat jet lag.sundari

Fly a day early: Some business travellers schedule multi-time zone meetings on a Monday so they can fly out on Saturday. That gives them time to adjust.

Adjust your bedtime: Get used to the new time zone couple of days before departure by going to bed one or two hours later (if travelling west) and one or two hours earlier (if travelling east). Travelling west to east is harder as you need to do things before your scheduled time. It is easier for us to delay doing something. Also, feeling more jet lagged while travelling east relates to brain cells that regulate circadian rhythms. After a time-zone shift it is easier to add hours to the day than cut them.

Eat carbs before leaving: Try to eat carb-rich food for dinner on the night before your flight. Carbs provide your brain with a source of tryptophan which induces sleep.

Watch what you eat: Avoid eating much on the plane, since airlines may serve food onboard according to the time at your home base.

Stay hydrated: Dehydration worsens the symptoms of jet lag, so drink lots of water. Avoid alcohol and caffeine during your flight as they cause dehydration.

Don’t sleep by default: If you are reaching your destination in the afternoon or evening, make sure you stay awake on the plane so that you are ready for the local bedtime. If you are arriving in the morning, sleep on the plane to be ready for the day ahead.Consumer tips 2

Exposure to light: Get as much sunlight as possible on that first day if you arrive in the daytime. The more exposure to light, the quicker the recovery from jet lag. When going west, get outdoors in the late afternoon. Do it in the morning if you are going east to advance your body clock.

Medicines and supplements: Some research does suggest that sleep hormone melatonin may help ease jet lag. But use it under a doctor’s advice.

Workout on your first day: Endorphins are a great way to fight tiredness. Most hotels have exercise rooms and swimming pools. Scheduling a light workout will make you feel better.

Be kind to yourself: Despite your best efforts, you may still arrive at your destination exhausted. Don’t try to pack in a crazy tourist itinerary for the first day.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.in, www.consumerreports.com, www.besthealthmag.ca
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