Sugarcoating the truth

The television commercial (TVC) of Aashirvaad Sugar Release Control Atta intrigued us. It claimed to have ‘Low GI (glycemic index)’, ‘a natural grain mix in the atta (flour) which ensures sugar levels do not rise suddenly’. It also claimed ‘Eat rotis without worrying about sugar levels’. Even if the atta has a low GI, rotis cannot be eaten by diabetics in excess as high intake will increase sugar levels. We brought this advt to the notice of Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI).

Tall talk

ASCI remarked that, as such, ordinary whole wheat atta does not have high GI. Also, it found the advt misleading by implication that it can reduce overall blood sugar level. ASCI said that ‘a natural grain mix in the atta which ensures sugar levels do not rise suddenly’ may hold true for sugar release from atta-based food but the advt could mislead consumers into believing that the atta would have curative effect on sugar release from high GI food as well. Moreover, using the atta does not mean that consumer need not worry about intake of total number of rotis. Our complaint was upheld.

No sweet news


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