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e-Comm firms asked to avoid plastic packaging

Global footprint  


The Commerce Ministry has asked e-commerce firms to gradually curb the use of single-use plastic in packaging of products in line with the government’s commitment to phase out usage of single-use plastic.

The firms have been advised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) to develop alternate sustainable packaging material which will also contribute to reducing India’s plastic footprint globally. Plastic packaging makes up nearly 40% of India’s annual plastic consumption.

Towards sustainability 

Air pollution can cause baldness

Hair loss risk

Establishing a link between air pollution and hair loss, a South Korean study showed that exposure to common pollutants reduced the levels of proteins responsible for hair growth and retention. The effect increased when the amount of airborne particles increased suggesting that those living in cities or close to industrial areas are at greater risk of going bald.

Although further study is needed to confirm the results, it highlights the disturbing impact of air pollution on our bodies and health. It emphasizes the need to switch to cleaner vehicles, fewer of them, and greater investment in better public transport and safer cycling and walking.

Vehicular pollution

India ahead in climate change control

Heartening news

India is the only G20 country that is close to the 1.5o C temperature rise ‘pathway’, a scenario prescribed by the scientific community to save the world from the disastrous consequences of average temperature rise. This was stated in the ‘Brown to Green Report 2019’, recently released by Climate Transparency.

Limiting global temperature increase to 1.5o C instead of 3o C prevents over 70% of climate related impacts in the water, health, and agriculture sectors. According to the report, India has the most ambitious NDC (Nationally Determined Targets) to limit global warming to 1.5o C. However, it still needs to take action to prepare sectors for stringent emission reductions.

Ambitious plan

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