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Fruits and vegetables that make you gain weight

You are on a strict salad diet to lose weight. However, if you include the following fruits and vegetables you may not be getting the desired results:


1. Potatoes: Lean-bodied people who exercise regularly or those who are involved in manual labour may indulge in eating potatoes daily. Otherwise, potatoes should be an occasional food consumed in small amounts in any form.

2. Bananas: Bananas are a controversial fruit when it comes to determining whether they will make you gain or lose weight. Some people avoid bananas because of their high carbohydrate content while others believe bananas contain good carbohydrates in the form of the resistant starch. Eating them in small quantities will not make you gain weight.

3. Dry fruits and nuts: They are undoubtedly a powerhouse of nutrients. Consume them in moderate quantities if you want to lose weight as they are high in calories. It is very easy to overeat dried fruits and nuts.

4. Avocado: Avocados are high in calories and healthy fats but eating an entire avocado or using half an avocado daily will spike your calorie intake rather quickly. So if you are looking to lose weight, skip your avocado spread on toast.

5. Mangoes: The king of fruits is loved by all. Indians love to have mangoes after each meal during the season which leads to intake of extra calories. Refrain from taking mangoes right after a meal to prevent weight gain. You may have it around mid-morning or as an evening snack.

6. Sweet corn: A study published in PLOS Medicine examined the long-term impact of certain fruits and veggies on weight gain. Researchers found people who ate more corn, potatoes, and peas (starchy vegetables) were more likely to gain weight. Among these, corn was found to be the biggest culprit.

7. Beans and legumes: Beware of the carb content of many beans and legumes. Though they are known to be an excellent source of protein for vegetarians, they are also high on calories. If you are on a limited calorie diet, you should watch your intake.

Sources: home.bt.com, www. livestrong.com, www.ndtv.com

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