July 17: TALL TALK

Really misleading! 

The print advertisement of Real Wellnezz Jamun claims ‘100% juice content’ and ‘900 g Jamun in a pack’. But the pack size is not mentioned. So, it is unclear what the percentage of jamun juice in the product actually is. Also, the product label says: ‘Jamun and mixed fruit juice’. This is confusing. So, we brought the advt to the notice of the Grievances Against Misleading Advertisements (GAMA) portal.

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From the advertiser’s response, GAMA concluded that the product may be considered as 100% juice consisting of jamun and mixed fruit juice. While the claim, ‘100% Juice content’ was substantiated, the visual presentation of this claim overly emphasized the visuals of jamun in and around the 100% numerical drawn in purple juice, which implied that the product contained 100% jamun juice. The reference to mixed fruit juice in the advertisement was, in comparison, very fleeting. The advertisement contravened Chapter I.4 of the ASCI Code. The advertiser has been advised to withdraw or modify the advt.

Is the purple for real?  

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