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Courier firm pays up for damaging goods

Damaged goods

card bord packParul Patel sent food items to Florida, USA through Poojan International Courier. The cost came to Rs. 40,000 including courier charges. The packages received at the other end were totally damaged. The food packets were torn and the eatables were spilled inside the carton. Everything had to be thrown away. Parul requested that the amount of Rs. 40,000 be refunded as the poor service of the courier firm had damaged the goods. The firm kept assuring her that she would get the refund.

When the amount was not refunded even after 9-10 months, a worried Parul asked Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad for help. With persistent efforts from CERS, Parul finally received a refund of Rs. 17,000 after a long wait.

Justice delivered


  • Ask about the clauses regarding refund on receiving damaged goods.
  • Keep a detailed list of items and their prices for reference.
  • Consider parcel insurance if you are sending goods of high value.


Finally, Club Mahindra gives refund

Hollow promise

mahindraPankaj Sheth applied for the Bliss membership of Mahindra Holidays and paid Rs. 52,190 as advance. After having a bad experience of client handling by the agents, he decided to cancel his membership. He asked for a refund as promised under one of the clauses. Mahindra Holidays officials agreed to refund the amount, but no action was taken.

Despite continuous follow-up, he did not get a refund. Frustrated, he contacted (CERS).With the intervention of CERS, the full amount of Rs. 52,190 was refunded to Pankaj Sheth in two and a half months.

Refund, at last!


  • Read terms and conditions carefully before signing a contract and making any payment. Take special note of the conditions for cancellation and refund.
  • Keep a copy of all documents and forms given at the time of signing up for membership.
  • In case of a cancellation, inform the opposite party in writing and maintain a copy of all communication.
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