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Know the dangers when you charge your phone


Charging your phone is one of the most routine activities nowadays. But it could prove dangerous if not done the right way. However, if you follow certain precautions you can keep out of harm’s way. Grahak Sathi bring you some vital safety tips.

Don’t buy cheap chargers: They may explode when plugged in because of cheap wiring and sub-standard components. Cheap chargers from unknown manufacturers will not include safety mechanisms to protect against fluctuation and overcharging.

Buy genuine chargers: Though it is more expensive, always buy the official charger for a particular phone as it will be thoroughly tested and ensure that your phone gets the optimal voltage and current. Most injuries involving cell phones have to do with the lithium-ion batteries that power them. Apparently, third-party chargers or batteries, increase the risk of dangerous malfunctions. If you must use a third-party charger, buy one from an approved, trusted brand.

Don’t go for universal chargers: Avoid universal chargers that work with a wide range of cell phones or tablets. Different mobile devices typically require varying levels of charge, so a universal charger may cause your phone’s battery to overheat.

Don’t use your device while it is being charged: Though opinion is divided on this, it is advisable to follow this precaution. There have been incidents where users have got burnt by the electric current from a charging phone. Phones can also explode if overheated.

Don’t overcharge your phone: There have been several cases of smartphones exploding as a result of being charged too long. Overcharging may result in batteries receiving more current than they can safely handle, causing them to overheat. That’s why avoid leaving your phone charging unattended, particularly overnight.

Don’t cover your phone or charger while charging: Phones have burst into flames or exploded while being charged. Ensure nothing is covering your phone as it charges so that the heat generated is able to dissipate safely.

Never charge you phone on the bed or under the pillow: This can be extremely dangerous. Phones can overheat when smothered by fabric. The pillow or bed could catch fire. Charge you device on a hard surface.

Check the charger for damage: If your phone charger looks worn or damaged, buy a new one. Look out for frayed cables, loose connections or wobbly plug pins. Damaged chargers pose a fire risk and could electrocute you if you touch an exposed part of the charger when plugging and unplugging it.

Don’t overload sockets: Don’t be tempted to plug several devices into one wall socket using an adaptor. Long strip adaptors are safer, but can take only a total of 13 amps, so don’t overload them either.

Unplug chargers that are not being used: This is to prevent the danger of electric shock if you accidently touch a charger which is plugged in.

Do not touch a charging cell phone in the vicinity of moisture: You are putting yourself at risk of electrocution if you do so. Having electrical appliances around water can be dangerous since these devices can cause short-circuit the moment they come in contact with moisture. Waterproof phones are no safer than others.

Don’t go for fast charging: Fast charging involves sending a higher voltage to the phone’s battery which may lead to excessive heat generation. Opt for a normal charging cycle, if your smartphone provides this option in its battery settings. Alternatively, switch to an approved matching regular charger.

Stop charging your phone it if becomes too hot. Allow your phone to cool down before charging it again. In case your phone heats up abnormally, immediately keep the power button pressed for a few seconds till the display switches off.

Don’t charge for long periods of time in really hot places: Don’t leave your phone on a car dashboard while it is charging, next to a radiator, or in direct sunlight on hot days. Remove the phone’s protective case while charging if the phone feels too hot. This will ensure the heat dissipates faster.


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