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Music in the OT makes surgeons more accurate!

Music soothes


According to research, playing music in the operating theatre increases the speed and accuracy of surgeons. This applies to music played in low to medium volume. Classical music, such as Mozart and Bach, were the most beneficial, improving the performance of doctors by up to 11%. In fact, procedures finished 10% quicker with music on in the background.

The likely explanation is that gentle music reduces stress levels and helps doctors focus better which is called the “Mozart effect”. The study, published in the International Journal of Surgery, also revealed that patients needed fewer painkillers or anaesthetics when music was played.

Improved focus


Snacks are increasingly replacing meals 

Need for ‘me time’ 

A new study has found that snacking has become a global trend and in India 70% of those surveyed said they snack more now than a year ago.  The survey by Mondelez International found that Indians consumes 2.70 snacks compared to 2.37 meals a day.

Interestingly, 77% Indian adults said they snacked because they needed “me time”, to relax/calm down and relieve anxiety, and to boost their mood.  Most Indians snack in the morning especially before breakfast. The study revealed that 78% of Indian adults are seeking organic, nutrient-rich snacks.

Healthy snacks


Why office noise affects some people more

Source of distraction

The modern workplace, made up of open-plan offices (without cabins and doors) has become a noisy nightmare. Apart from the constant ringing of mobile phones, there is chatting among colleagues, coughing, the sound of printers and copiers, eating sounds, and even whistling! In the midst of these everyday noises, workers find it difficult to concentrate. That’s because our brains find it difficult to switch off the noise around us.

There is variability in how much office noise people can tolerate. Extroverts are less affected while neurotic people are more affected by background noise. Research has supported the view that people work better on complex tasks when there is total silence.

Silence is golden

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