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Flipkart does not fulfil extended warranty

Whose responsibility?


Shlok Patel purchased MI LED television from Flipkart for Rs. 13,999. While purchasing, Flipkart offered an extended warranty for two years from Jeeves Consumer Services which is Flipkart’s after sales service extension. Shlok found the offer value for money and so availed it. Unfortunately, after one year of purchase the TV developed problems. The technician concluded that because of a major fault, the TV needs to be replaced.

Shlok contacted Flipkart, Jeeves Consumer Services, and MI Ltd to get his TV replaced or to obtain a refund. He was tossed between the three companies for a resolution. Dejected, Shlok approached Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad for help. CERS studied the papers in depth and wrote to the companies to resolve the grievance. Constant persuasion from CERS resulted in Jeeves Consumer Services taking the defective TV back and giving Shlok a refund.

Resolution at last

Hometown refunds money for delivering old table

Old for the price of new

Nimesh Thaker booked a centre table worth Rs. 22,900 from Hometown and was promised a delivery within 10 days. When after 10 days he still didn’t get his table, Nimesh contacted Hometown. Hometown finally sent him a centre table but it was an old, used table. Nimesh was shocked to see this and asked Hometown to refund his entire amount.

Since he did not get a favourable response from Hometown, Nimesh contacted CERS. CERS immediately wrote to Hometown asking the company to give Nimesh his money back. Constant phone calls from CERS led to Hometown refunding the money to Nimesh. “I really appreciate the work done by CERS. Thanks for hearing me and taking necessary action,” said a thankful Nimesh.

Get your due

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