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Being kind helps you live longer

Glow of kindness


When someone is kind you feel a warm glow. Kindness also makes you live longer!  Columbia University’s Dr Kelli Hardin, author of the book The Rabbit Effect, says that kindness helps the immune system and lowers blood pressure, making people live longer and better lives.

Scientists say that interacting with people who treat you unkindly is bad for you and shortens life. On the other hand, both receiving kindness from others, and giving kindness, is good for physical health. It helps reduce depression and anxiety too.

It pays to be nice! 

Breast milk may prevent heart disease

Heart is protected

Breast milk can play a critical role in preventing heart disease in pre-term born adults.  Premature babies are likely to have smaller heart chambers than other babies. A study, published in the Journal of Pediatric Research, revealed that this problem was less in babies who are exclusively breastfed in comparison with those who were exclusively formula-fed.

This suggests that breast milk has a protective effect on heart structure. Breast milk could help prevent heart disease by regulating hormones and growth factors better, strengthening an infant’s immune system, reducing inflammation, and improving metabolism.

Yet another benefit

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