Tips to deal with mobile data usage

If your mobile bill is always on the rise, the problem may lie with data usage. Follow these tips to manage your mobile data efficiently.

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  • Download on Wi-Fi only – Wait until you are on a Wi-Fi network to download apps, games, music and videos.
  • Update on Wi-Fi – Many applications keep checking for updates, running advts and refreshing your user content in the background. This eats up data. Set these apps to update on Wi-Fi only.
  • Save streaming for Wi-Fi too – Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube and other streaming services can consume a lot of bandwidth. Most of these apps let you download content on Wi-Fi and view it later.
  • Set your email for manual download – You can sync mails in batches when you have Wi-Fi. If you can’t wait for periodic downloads, then check if your phone has the option to download messages without images or attachments.
  • Turn off push notifications – They are meant to inform users of new happenings. Every app will bombard you with these. Not only is this annoying, it also consumes data. Turn off these notifications for apps that you don’t need.
  • Turn of location – Check for applications that use location data in the background.Unless it is necessary, turn it off.
  • Try an alternate web browser – Browsers like Opera Mini or Skyfire can minimize the amount of web data. These also allow downloading web pages when you are on Wi-Fi for viewing later.
  • Use mobile-friendly sites when possible – Mobile-optimized sites remove heavy stuff like animated advts and unnecessary or large images. Thus, they take less bandwidth to load.

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  • Turn off cellular data when you don’t need it –By turning off cellular data, you can still get calls and texts, but without the risk of an app secretly connecting while you are unaware or you accidentally going over your limit.
  • Use data saving apps – There are some apps that help you manage the data usage of the phone. Traffic Monitor and My Data Manager are examples of such free apps.


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