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10 ways to fight smartphone addiction



Ever wondered if your smartphone takes away most of your time and attention? “Smartphone addiction” has become a worrying issue in this social media obsessed generation. Grahak Sathi gives you suggestions to fight this addiction.


  1.  Buy an alarm clock – Use a  bedside  alarm clock  instead of  your  phone for an  alarm. This will take away  the temptation to look at your phone first thing in the morning.
  2. The first 30 minutes – Start your day not by looking at your phone but by doing healthy, positive things to get ready for the day. 
  1. Avoid proximity – Put your smartphone out of your sight and immediate reach. When you cannot reach your phone, you do not think of looking at it so often. 
  1. Turn off notifications – No notifications from social media means no reason to check your phone every few minutes.
  1. Make meals a phone-free zone – Meals are the best time to bond with family and friends so ditch your phone during meals.
  1. No phones in bed – The blue light from your smartphone messes with your sleep hormones. So make your bed a phone-free zone.  
  1. Ask your friends and family for help – You might not notice when your eyes are glued to your smartphone screen, but others do. Ask friends and family to remind you to stop. 
  1. Focus on real people – Spend more time with real people. Virtual friends should not become more important than the person in front of you.
  1. Take a holiday from your smartphone – Once a week, follow a no phone policy. You may even think of not taking your phone when on vacation.
  1. Discover a passion – Find your passion in activities like running, yoga or dance. These activities naturally trigger the release of dopamine. You won’t have to depend on your smartphone to give you that “high”.



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