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Asian Paints Royal Health  Shield – Unsubstantiated claims

Painting a rosy picture!  

The television commercial shows Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor discussing about painting the home. Deepika recotall talkmmends Asian Paints Royal Health Shield saying that “uska anti-bacterial technology ghar aye bacteria ko kill karta hai aur ghar ko safe rakhta hai”. When she visits him, Ranbir assures Deepkia that all the bacteria are killed!

One disclaimer reads: “Silver based Ion technology kills 99% bacteria when they come in contact with the walls”. But CERC wondered what about the bacteria that travels in the air or can spread through other surfaces? Another disclaimer says: “Silver Ion Technology as recommended by Indian Medical Association”. However, the claim says IMA has recommended the product. This is misleading by implication. We wrote Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) about the advt.

ASCI observed that “the efficacy of the paint being anti-bacterial on being exposed to different environmental conditions in a typical home situation had not been established”. Hence, the advertisement was misleading and ambiguous. The advertiser agreed to modify the advertisement.

Ambiguous advt  

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