Notabene Washing Company

A lady had given a sari to Notabene, a washing company, where it was damaged during washing. When she complained, she was shown the laundry bill laying down one-sided conditions of contract. She complained to CERS. Despite a long correspondence, the company was not willing to compensate her. The matter was taken up in the complaints column of a newspaper. In response, the company disowned its legal liability. CERS, in turn, pointed out the judgement of the Madras High Court in the Lily White v/s R Munnuswamy case reported in AIR 1986 Madras 13 (V 53 C4) where it was held that such one- sided unfair terms of contract could not be enforced and, therefore, the laundry had a liability. Still the company refused to relent.

CERS then chose a different approach. Its Public Relations Officer met the owner and told him that if he did not settle the claim, the Centre would organise women’s demonstrations at all their branches in the city. The owner paid Rs.300/- to the complainant.

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