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Why ice creams give you brain freeze nov30ina cap

An ice cream sundae or a cold smoothie may be the perfect food on a hot day. But, not if we eat it too quickly and it causes a brain freeze – a quick and intense headache.

Scientists from Texas A& M University in the US say that when cold food touches a bundle of nerves called the sphenopalaatine ganglion (SPG) in the back of the palate, they relay information that causes a headache. If you feel a brain freeze coming on, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. To avoid brain freeze, eat the cold food much more slowly so that your mouth can warm up the food – and, don’t inhale it.

Taking a hot bath is good exercise! 

This is good news for people who do not enjoy exercise. Taking a hot bath has similar benefits as a workout. During vigorous exercise, the body gets hot. The same thing happens while taking a hot bath, researchers from Loughborough University in the UK said.

The study showed that taking a long, hot bath burned 140 calories – the same amount as a 30-minute brisk walk. One cause could be protein release due to ‘heat shock’. This news is especially useful for people who are obese or have disabilities that prevent them from working out.

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