Nov.17: TALL TALK 

Tetley Super Green Tea – Not all fun and games 


In the television commercial of Tetley Super Green Tea, Sourav Ganguly is expected to display ‘superhuman’ skills by catching a milk packet, flower pot and soft toy thrown suddenly at him. We objected to the scene showing a flower pot being pushed off the ledge of a balcony. We questioned the quantity of the claimed energy and immunity boosters, vitamins B6 and C. Also, the TVC claimed that the product was the first of its kind in India. We complained to the Grievances Against Misleading Advertisements (GAMA) portal.

They observed that the advertiser had not submitted evidence of conducting a market survey before claiming to be “First time in India”.  Also, no data was presented with respect to stability and bio-availability of the vitamins post storage or when the tea was brewed. It was also opined that the flowerpot scene was dangerous and had the potential of encouraging children to imitate such acts. This TVC contravened Chapters I.1, I.4 and III.2 (b) of the ASCI Code. The advertiser agreed to remove the flowerpot scene from the TVC as well as correct the disclaimers.

Dangerous humour


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