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Tooth sensor that tracks what you eat

Aid for dieters


A new sensor worn on teeth records whatever a person eats or drinks in a day. The sensor, which is mounted directly on a tooth and connects wirelessly to a user’s mobile phone, records information on their sugar, salt and alcohol intakes, according to a study by Tufts University.

A ‘bioresponsive’ layer absorbs the nutrients and chemicals from food and causes the sensor’s electrical properties to change. Antennae then absorb and transmit a specific spectrum and intensity of radio frequency wave, which gets transmitted to the phone. The researchers believe the device could help people manage their nutritional inputs, leading to improved health and diet outcomes.

Sensing good health


How our hands make us choose certain products

Influencing choice

The things we touch while shopping can affect what we buy, according to two new studies.The studies were published in Applied Cognitive Psychology and Journal of Consumer Psychology. The authors suggest that tactile exposure by grasping an object facilitates visual processing and choice.

According to the studies, consumers are more likely to choose a product that is similar in shape to whatever is in their hand. Apparently, consumers tend to choose products that are shaped like the things they often hold, like a mobile phone, a wallet, or a computer mouse when shopping online. Also, when the visual array is overcrowded in a supermarket the hands have an even larger influence on product choice.

Power of touch


Social media can help people lose weight

Online support

Sharing the ups and downs of your weight loss journey with other members of an online virtual support community plays an important role in achieving success, according to a new study. The study, published in Journal of Interactive Marketing, says that individuals are more likely to realize success with personal goals when they make a public commitment to attaining them.

Also, when people seeking to lose weight join a virtual support community and share their plans online to attain their goals, they invite members to join them by offering encouragement in both words and actions. This exchange of online support, facilitates adherence to the offline goal of losing weight.

Public commitment 

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