November-19: In a capsule

Order of food eating alters blood glucose

What to eat first

in a capsule - order of food

It is known that the kind of food we eat affects our blood sugar level. A new study reveals that changing the order in which food is eaten could reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes. The researchers from Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences found that eating rice first and then a vegetable and meat caused significantly higher blood sugar levels after eating compared to other sequences. The results point to a simple but effective way to lower blood sugar levels after eating, which could prevent the transition from prediabetes to diabetes.

Change in sequence

When do lotions expire? 

Good to know

Some products, such as sunscreens, moisturizers have expiry dates stamped on them. This means that if you use them after the date it might be less effective and also a risk to your skin. Usually brands do not do not have expiry dates on the products but some mention information like manufacturing and best before date. Even if the product does not have an expiry date on the label, you should not use it for more 3 years after the manufacturing date. Also remember that if the product smells funny, has changed texture or colour, you should immediately stop using it.

Read the label

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