Finally, ICICI Prudential settles mediclaim 

CERS mediates - 1st item

Munjal Sanghvi had taken insurance for his family from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. In 2014, his wife was admitted in hospital to undergo treatment for spinal problem. The total medical expenses came to around Rs. 2.07 lakh for which he put forward a claim. ICICI Prudential rejected the claim on basis of non-payment of premium in time for 2011. But, Munjal had been regularly paying the premium and also had receipts to prove his point.

Aggrieved and unhappy with the attitude of the company, he approached CERS. When repeated attempts by CERS to resolve the issue failed, a legal notice was issued. Immediately, the insurance company agreed to resolve the grievance and made payment of Rs.1.8 lakh to Munjal.


Be aware of all the reasons a claim may be rejected such as non-payment of regular premium, not filling claim on time or non-disclosure of material facts. This information will ensure you do not make any mistakes from your side.

Kalyan Silks refunds amount paid for sarees

Indravadan Shah and family had come from USA to India to visit relatives. During their visit, they purchased sarees worth Rs 1.58 lakh from Kalyan Silks in Thrissur, Kerala. They requested the store to courier the sarees to their Ahmedabad address. When they received the parcel, they found that the material for blouse in each saree was insufficient.

They contacted the store and were given the option of replacement. Indravadan requested for refund which the store agreed to. The parcel was sent back. Three months later he had still not received the refund. Every time he called up to enquire, he was given some excuse. Tired, Indravadan wrote to CERS. CERS contacted Kalyan Silks which immediately refunded the entire amount.

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