Oct – 16: TALL TALK

Miracle product?

Seeing the print advertisement and TVC of New Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth shampoo, you would think it is a miracle if your hair grows up to 4 cm in 3 months! But, several studies show that normal growth rate of hair is 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) in 3 months. So, what’s special about this shampoo? Also, the supers in the advt were not readable. We wrote to Advertising Standards Council if India (ASCI) questioning the misleading claim and suggested that the advt be immediately withdrawn.


 ASCI reviewed the advt and considered the advertiser’s response as well as the opinion of a technical expert. The advertiser argued that the product reduces breakage due to combing and thereby enables the hair to reach its natural growth potential. But just reducing breakage cannot increase hair length. Hence, ASCI found the claim was misleading and upheld the complaint. The advt has been suitably amended.

Hair-raising story! 

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