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Portion size is critical for weight loss

Small meals


Sticking to recommended portion sizes is an important part of weight management. Smaller meal sizes can assist in reducing energy intake and training the body to expect smaller portions on an ongoing basis.

Researchers studied the use of a crockery set (plate, bowl and glass) and a set of serving spoons (marked with quantities) as aids for weight loss. The more preferred tool was the crockery set. Use of both the crockery set and serving spoons was associated with increased cooked and raw vegetable consumption and reduced potato and chip intake.

Right crockery 

Eat a pot of yogurt every day

Multiple benefits

Yogurt has a host of health benefits, including helping prevent diabetes. Research, reported in the journal BioMed Central Medicine, found that a higher intake of yogurt is associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

Yogurt consumption is also linked to a reduced risk of high blood pressure and heart disease and boosts immunity. It restores normality in disrupted gut bacteria and also contains iodine, calcium, protein, phosphorus, potassium and B12. Since it is high in protein, which has a satiating effect, it aids weight loss.

Wonder food 

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