Oct.18 : TALL TALK

Too Yumm – Encouraging bingeing

Misusing a celebrity


The television commercial (TVC) of Too Yumm shows fitness icon, cricketer Virat Kohli, munching on the snack. “Eat anytime, anywhere, as much,” he tells viewers. Since it is not advisable to eat large quantities of processed foods, high in salt and with added preservatives, we complained about the advt. ASCI considered the advertiser’s response and observed that the claim “it’s baked, not fried” applies to three variants of the snack while nine were shown in the commercial. Hence the claim was misleading in ambiguity, implication and exaggeration. ASCI also said that the claim exploited the consumers’ lack of knowledge.

The TVC was found violating the ASCI Guidelines on Advertising of Food and Beverages which say: “Advertisements should not encourage over or excessive consumption…”. Moreover, there was a stark contradiction between the claim: “Eat lot, fikar not” and the disclaimer: “We promote responsible indulgence as a part of dietary requirement”. Also, the advertiser had not submitted any evidence that the celebrity was in agreement with the claims.

Food for thought   

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