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Being rocked to sleep improves sleep quality and memory

Cradle for adults!


Rocking when you are going to sleep not only helps you get a better sleep but according to a study published in Current Biology, it also boosts your memory. Researchers from the Universities of Geneva (UNIGE), Lausanne (UNIL) studied 18 healthy adults by putting each through two nights of sleeping in a laboratory: one night in a bed remaining stationary and another in a gently rocking bed.

The results showed that the participants slept quickly and deeply when the bed rocked. The participants also underwent a memory test where they were shown pairs of words to memorise before falling to sleep and remember them in the morning. Even in this, rocking proved beneficial where the test results were much better after a night in motion than after a still night.

Have a good night 


Thinking of coffee itself can make you alert 

A lot can happen over coffee

A new study shows that just seeing something that reminds people of coffee can result in a more alert and attentive mind. Researchers from the University of Toronto conducted four separate studies to see how participants reacted to coffee- and tea-related cues reports Consciousness and Cognition.

They discovered that those exposed to coffee-related cues experienced interesting psychological benefits, including thinking in more precise terms and feeling that time went by faster.

Think coffee


Eating in front of TV or phone leads to snacking 

Eat while you eat, play while you play


Eating while sitting in front of the TV or while staring at your phone contributes to weight gain due to increased snacking, according to a new study reported in Appetite.

Researchers from University of Birmingham conducted a series of experiments and found that people who ate lunch while watching TV or playing games on a computer ended up snacking more later than compared to participants who were attentive and mindful about their meal. It could be because memory about what you recently ate plays an important role in appetite. So if we are not attentive about what we eat, we may not remember it well and thus end up snacking a lot latter. 

Pay attention

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