10 Tips to reuse waste water from RO

Using a reverse osmosis (RO) water filteration system has brought us many conveniences. However, for every 1 liter of purified water, 3 liters of water are wasted. Gctrahak Sathi brings you suggestions to reuse RO water.

  1. Washing utensils – Collect the waste water from RO. It can be used to wash utensils or at least for soaking them before washing.
  2. Cleaning vegetables and fruits – You may wash your vegetables and fruits with the waste water from RO.
  3. Mopping the floor – RO waste water can be used to mop floors. If you are concerned about salt deposits, you may use this water only on alternate days.
  4. Car washing – Your car would need to be washed regularly. Why not use RO waste water for this purpose?
  5. Washing clothes – If you do not want to risk your good clothes, use this water either for soaking clothes before washing or to wash clothes like socks and home wear.
  6. Gardening – Test using the waste water from RO on your house plants and use it for the plants that react well to it.
  7. Flushing toilets – The RO waste water may not be very good to bathe or wash your hair with but you can certainly use the water to flush your toilets. Some houses have a separate tank for collecting the waste water from RO which is connected to the toilet flush.
  8. Desert coolers – Use this water for desert coolers to keep you cool in summers. You may need to regularly clean the pipes for any salt deposits.
  9. Fountains or home decor – If you use water for home décor like floating flowers or floating candles or small fountains then you may use waste water from RO for this purpose.
  10. Cleaning your terrace, backyard – Generally the terrace or backyard is made up of concrete, stone or tile, so using RO waste water for cleaning such surfaces will not result in salt stains.

Sources: www.bestwaterpurifierreview.in, www.thebetterindia.com, www.healthzonero.com,

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