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Keep your piWashing Machine trouble free with our advice

Washing machine is your everyday essential appliance. Just drop your clothes, adjust the settings and your clothes come out washed and almost dried. A little care and maintenance would help you in keeping this appliance working for you efficiently for a long time.


  • Read the instruction manual carefully before you start using the washing machine
  • Don’t overload the machine with too many clothes
  • Regularly clean the machine and all removable parts


Manage the load: Washing machines come with a specification of maximum weight/load of dry clothes that it can handle. Don’t overload the machine as it puts pressure on the motor and results in over-heating. Clothes will also not be washed properly due to poor spinning. Always use the proper setting of load to ensure effective cleaning. 

Rest between two loads: a full cycle of washing, rinsing and drying heats up the motor. So if you are going to wash multiple loads of clothes, keep a time gap between the two loads. This will allow the motor to cool down.

Caution while using hot water: Many washing machines now have the option of getting hot water to wash the clothes. Care should be taken in using this feature to not let the motor heat up excessively. 

Use machine specific detergents: Market is flooded with many detergents. Choose a detergent according to your washing machine i.e. front loading or top loading. You may also have to consider the kind of clothes that you are washing while using the appropriate detergent. 

Check pockets: Dumping the clothes without checking the pockets for coins, keys, pins etc. is a habit that needs to be stopped. These metal objects can damage the drum of your washing machine or even get stuck in the drain, thus obstructing the water flow. In fact, use laundry bags for small items like socks, handkerchiefs and small undergarments to ensure that they do not get caught between the two drums. 

Remove clothes immediately after wash: Do not let damp clothes sit in the machine after they are washed. Dampness from the clothes increases the moisture and it is the perfect setting for growth of moulds. 

Air the machine: Leave the door/lid open for some time after the wash. The air circulation will dry out any moisture in the drum and prevent development of mould. 

Ensure it is stable: Check if your machine is levelled otherwise it will vibrate and rock back and forth. This can damage the machine as well as the walls and floors surrounding it. 


Cleaning the exterior: Clean the outer side of the machine with a damp cloth. If required, you may also use little washing liquid to wipe of any stains. 

The lint filter: Once a month, remove the lint filter and clean the accumulated lint in it. Lint increases the humidity and may causes mildew and mould. Also, if you don’t regularly clean your lint filter your clothes will start to look old.

Scrub the detergent dispenser: Check the manual of your machine on how to remove the detergent tray. Follow the instructions to remove it. Now you can clean it under the water. Use an old toothbrush to clean the detergent residue off the edges.

Inside the machine: Clean the tub regularly for any dirt, soap residue or lint stuck in it. Use a damp cloth to wipe all parts and surfaces that you can reach and then run a full cycle with a washing machine cleaning agent. You may also use a solution of vinegar, bleach or baking soda.

Regular servicing: You may consider having your machine checked by a service agent regularly. This will ensure that any loose connection or slag is fixed. The servicing may also involve thorough cleaning of the machine. 

Don’t delay repairs: If you notice any strange noise or vibration which is not due to overloading, get the machine checked immediately for repairs. Delaying the repair may lead to bigger damage.

Sources: www.choice.com, www.anybrandappliance.com, www.samsung.com

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